Contract Mobilisation

We are able to offer you substantial cost savings when mobilising a new contract, we have a proven track record in providing this service to customers, most recently we tendered for a national contract against a number of competitors, we were successful and delivered the project in six weeks by firstly sourcing candidates through our own database as candidates had previously been interviewed, technically tested, referenced and eligibility documentation recorded.

For the remaining positions we then went out to the wider market to source new candidates by advertising on our job boards, company website, LinkedIn and other social media mediums. As these were new candidates, all individuals were interviewed face to face, fully vetted, referenced and compliance collected.

Selected candidates CV’s were then submitted to our customer for interview along with test results and compliance documentation. Interview dates were then arranged with across the country where we provided them with interview space across the network of offices we have at disposal, offers of employments were made and 34 vacancies were filled. We provided this mobilisation on a sole agency basis and we saved the customer over £80,000 on mobilisation recruitment fees. If you have a forth coming project you wish to discuss please contact us on0203 865  8171