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IT and Technology Recruitment is imperative in the expansion of the technology industry today!

We understand it is fundamental for the best talent to be at the forefront representing you in this industry. We know It’s about ‘Positive People’ and ‘Forward Thinking individuals’ that will drive innovation of your business for long-term success and stay ahead of the competition!

We supply people with confident energies with skill and intelligence!


We understand this is an immensely wide range sector scaling from highly skilled IT professionals to technology design to scientific technology…

We break each vacancy down into bite size sections and focus on the key criteria and analyse detail & research accurately before beginning our candidate searches.

Our interview processes match the complexity of each individual job while we use our expansive database, knowledge & research.

VJS Ltd offers a solution of accuracy for your IT & Technology recruitment needs.

Our team collectively has over 101 years resourcing experience of IT and Technology professionals.

If you have temporary or permanent requirements we can provide!

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