Online Timesheets

We offer our clients who require temporary operative’s online timesheets which allows clients and candidates to enter, view, edit and confirm timesheet details making the entire process more efficient and more robust. Both applicants and clients receive an email where they log on to a secure portal and can easily create new timesheets or confirm submissions.

The software communicates live so there are no imports or exports, just instant updates as they happen in real time. The benefits of this service is that no paperwork translates into a tidier office; easier, controlled access to the information that managers, HR and payroll need; and better commitment to the environment

Line/Area managers can access, review and update multiple timesheets, regardless of an employee’s location, via a single easy-to-use interface. Group timesheets can also be edited accordingly, with minimal effort Optional functionality to integrate with your own time and attendance/clock-in systems, means timesheets are automatically populated with the number of hours each employee has worked

Alleviates double entry of data, reducing the likelihood of error and ensuring the more efficient use of everyone’s time. If you have any temporary requirements please call us on 0203 865  8171