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Contingency Recruitment

We provide traditional recruitment services and our recruitment database holds the details of over forty thousand candidates both actively and passively seeking employment, our database is constantly updated as a large number of new candidates register with us every month either via our company website, referrals or our social media platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook.

We offer a fast and efficient route to filling your vacancies and will always do our best to ensure we provide you with the best candidates who have been technically tested with our bespoke online software, interviewed and referenced before any submission of CV’s.

Confidentiality is critically important to employers and candidates alike and our strict policies ensure a discreet and professional approach is taken, which is precisely why so many high calibre candidates and companies put their faith in our services.  Please call us on 0203 865 8213 to find out more.

Temporary Recruitment

We recognise that our clients increasingly require a flexible workforce and we are able to provide you with temporary facilities management and engineering professionals, we operate on 24 hour basis, 365 days of the year.

Our temporary facilities management and engineering operatives are available for both short and long term contracts and we are able to provide you with all disciplines at all levels. The knowledge we have of our contractors and the relationships we build with them ensures a speedy response to all requirements.

We ensure that all personnel are tested technically to ensure that your site is covered by competent individuals.

Our reputation for quality and professionalism engenders loyalty with our contractors – many of whom have worked exclusively through us for a number of years. For further details on our services please contact us on 0203 865 8213

Online Timesheets

We offer our clients who require temporary operative’s online timesheets which allows clients and candidates to enter, view, edit and confirm timesheet details making the entire process more efficient and more robust. Both applicants and clients receive an email where they log on to a secure portal and can easily create new timesheets or confirm submissions.

The software communicates live so there are no imports or exports, just instant updates as they happen in real time. The benefits of this service is that no paperwork translates into a tidier office; easier, controlled access to the information that managers, HR and payroll need; and better commitment to the environment

Line/Area managers can access, review and update multiple timesheets, regardless of an employee’s location, via a single easy-to-use interface. Group timesheets can also be edited accordingly, with minimal effort Optional functionality to integrate with your own time and attendance/clock-in systems, means timesheets are automatically populated with the number of hours each employee has worked

Alleviates double entry of data, reducing the likelihood of error and ensuring the more efficient use of everyone’s time. If you have any temporary requirements please call us on 0203 865 8213

Testing Services

Our bespoke software combines technological excellence with innovative methods in order to offer you the best assessment system possible. Whether you are a large organisation, an SME we can create any type assessment that can be used to help identify strengths and weaknesses of individual’s you may potentially be looking to employ or you may wish to test  existing employee’s to see if they are suitable to take that next step up in your organisation or perhaps you just want to demonstrate to your customers that you are providing them with competent personnel across their sites, whatever the reason testing will give you a better and more complete understanding of the individuals abilities.

We are able to offer you a fast and efficient testing service you are able to ask any kind of question (true/false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, questions with more than one correct answer). You can choose how to mark each question (for example, 2 points for a correct answer, 0.5 points for a partially correct answer, and 0 for an incorrect answer). We are also able to create psychological tests, quizzes, and all kinds of questionnaires, where as a rule there are no right or wrong answers.

After the test you can gather statistics from the answers to each question. The page for collecting statistics allows you to view detailed information about how the answers were chosen.  For instance, how many times each answer was chosen and what percentage of the users chose particular answers, how many times an answer was chosen correctly, partially correctly, or incorrectly, and how many questions are yet to be marked, to find out more about this service please give us a call on 0203 865 8213 or take one of our tests to see the suitability for your business.  Take a Test

Contract Mobilisation

We are able to offer you substantial cost savings when mobilising a new contract, we have a proven track record in providing this service to customers, most recently we tendered for a national contract against a number of competitors, we were successful and delivered the project in six weeks by firstly sourcing candidates through our own database as candidates had previously been interviewed, technically tested, referenced and eligibility documentation recorded.

For the remaining positions we then went out to the wider market to source new candidates by advertising on our job boards, company website, LinkedIn and other social media mediums. As these were new candidates, all individuals were interviewed face to face, fully vetted, referenced and compliance collected.

Selected candidates CV’s were then submitted to our customer for interview along with test results and compliance documentation. Interview dates were then arranged with across the country where we provided them with interview space across the network of offices we have at disposal, offers of employments were made and 34 vacancies were filled. We provided this mobilisation on a sole agency basis and we saved the customer over £80,000 on mobilisation recruitment fees. If you have a forth coming project you wish to discuss please contact us on 0203 865 8213



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